Terrace Martin – Pittsburgh (Feat. Wiz Khalifa & Tone Trezure) [Unreleased]

The unreleased track titled “Pittsburgh” was recorded back in ’07 when both Wiz and Terrace Martin were signed to Warner Bros. This isn’t just any unreleased track; “Pittsburgh” was recorded live in the studio, all with live instrumentation and vocals. The story attached with the track can be read below:

At the time Terrace and Wiz were both signed to Warner Brothers and the label put them up at the Record Plant for a month. During that time Wiz expressed a song on his heart that captured the passion he felt for his hometown, so Terrace sat on the piano and got busy. All of the music on “Pittsburgh” is live and nostalgic. There are no drum machines and was recorded on all vintage gear…including a 1964 Telefunken microphone.

Stream “Pittsburgh” below and download it here.